Our History


As Myanmar has transitioned over the last decade, its skies have slowly filled with the air traffic of business and adventure passengers. Today, more flyers board commercial flights around The Golden Land than ever before, and more destinations have popped up all over map. From its fledgling beginnings as a chartered service, FMI Air has played a driving role in this growth.

How did we get here? In early 2012, FMI chairman Serge Pun realised that the travel time from Yangon to the country’s new capital in Nay Pyi Taw could be 5x faster if an airline developed a commuter class route. He assembled a team and launched FMI Air to fill that need, pioneering the first air path between Myanmar’s two most important cities in September 2012 with a charter service operating daily flights.

What a journey it’s been, from humble beginnings to the country’s leading luxury airline. FMI Air has grown its fleet to include two CRJ-200 aircraft and two ATR72-600 aircraft and brought together the most professional and innovative aviation specialists in the country. As we prepare to open our sixth and seventh destinations in-country and more abroad, it feels like a long time since we ran that initial two-destination operation just a few years ago.

We have established ourselves as the first operator to introduce an all-jet service between Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, as well as set the Myanmar air travel standard in operational excellence and safety.

“Our goal is to give Myanmar an airline that offers exceptional service and comfort while respecting international best practices and safety standards,” says Chairman Serge Pun. “Visitors to Myanmar are often underserved, so we have carefully designed the customer experience at FMI Air to revolutionize the way businessmen and tourists travel here.”

We hope you’ll climb aboard and enjoy a fresh way to fly.